The owner or developer of property desiring to install public improvements in an area depicted on a proposed or approved preliminary plan or approved or proposed final subdivision plat shall perform such installation in accordance with the following (procedure):
   A.   Prerequisites To Installation:
      1.   For Installations Before Final Plat Approval:
         a.   Approval and continuing validity of an approved preliminary plan;
         b.   Approval of public improvement engineering plans and specifications for any and all public improvements which are to be installed or the installation of which is to be commenced prior to the approval of a final plat;
      2.   For Installation After Final Plat Approval:
         a.   Approval of a final plat;
         b.   Posting of a final plat, public improvement payment, performance and workmanship bond and security therefore, in the amount and form specified in section 11-3-5 of this title for all public improvements depicted in, adjacent to or necessary to serve lots or outlots depicted in an area for which final plat approval has been obtained.
   B.   Inspection: During installation of public improvements, either before or after final plat approval, the owner or developer shall comply with the requirements of the city's public improvement construction standards as outlined in chapter 6 of this title by which the city engineer or his designee shall make periodic inspections. Failure to comply and install or maintain such installations in a manner that permits inspection shall constitute grounds for rejecting or revoking preliminary plan or final plat approval, forfeiting pledged security and, in addition, shall constitute a violation of this title.
   C.   Plan Review, Inspection, And Testing Fee: The cost incurred by the city for review of public improvement plan and specifications as required by section 11-2-3 of this chapter and the inspection and testing of public improvements as required by this section, shall be paid by the owner or developer. Such cost shall be equal to the actual cost incurred by the city in labor, materials, transportation and overhead for such review, inspection and testing as calculated by the city engineer. At the time such plans and specifications are filed with the city engineer, the owner or developer shall pay to the city a fee of two percent (2%) of the costs as estimated by the city engineer of such required land improvements. Said fee shall be applied as credit against the actual costs incurred by the city or city engineer for review of such plans and the inspection and testing of such improvements. The balance of the actual costs shall be paid to the city by the owner or developer at the time such review and inspection has been completed by the city or city engineer. All land improvements to be installed under the provisions of this title shall be inspected by the city or city engineer during the course of construction.
   D.   Grading Plan Record Drawings: The owner or developer shall submit to the city engineer for approval, prior to issuance of a building permit or prior to the installation of any utilities serving a proposed lot of record, whichever is earlier, a record drawing of the grading plan which is required by the city's public improvement construction standards located in chapter 6 of this title. The record drawings submitted shall be one clear and legible transparent Mylar and one Photostat print of the approved grading plan and shall also depict the actual ground surface elevations on all lot corners and building pads in addition to the proposed elevations on the approved grading plan. (Ord. 542, 11-26-2007)