Before subdividing any land subject to the requirements of this title, an owner or developer shall comply with the following:
   A.   Prerequisites: Approval and continuing validity of a preliminary subdivision plan;
   B.   Submission: The owner or developer shall submit two (2) sets of engineering plans and specifications for all public improvements proposed in or necessary to serve lots depicted in an approved preliminary plan or portion thereof, which plans and specifications shall be in the form and include the content required by section 11-3-3 of this title. Such plans shall be in compliance with the preliminary plan.
   C.   Review And Approval:
      1.   The public improvement plans and specifications shall be reviewed and approved or disapproved by the city engineer.
      2.   The city engineer will require the owner or developer to submit all data, plans, specifications and additional materials as may be necessary to completely and accurately determine the extent of compliance or noncompliance with the city's public improvement design standards outlined in chapter 6 of this title and accepted engineering practice and to demonstrate that the proposed manner of construction and installation will meet or exceed all the city's public improvement construction standards as outlined in chapter 6 of this title.
      3.   The public improvement plans and specifications, whether they meet or exceed the city subdivision, public improvement design standards and otherwise demonstrate good and acceptable engineering design and practice, shall be approved by the city engineer.
      4.   Approval or disapproval by the city engineer shall be in writing and shall make reference to the public improvement plans and specifications. (Ord. 542, 11-26-2007)