The owner or developer may schedule one or more preapplication conferences with the representatives of the city council, planning commission, school district administrative staff when determined appropriate, city staff, and city clerk for the purpose of reviewing development proposals, concept plans and comparable preliminary data by making a request for a preapplication conference to the city clerk. The purpose of a preapplication conference is to review material which is in a preliminary conceptual form and which may, after review and comment, be then refined by the owner or developer into a preliminary subdivision or planned unit development preliminary development plan. Thereafter, the city, may furnish the applicant with written comments regarding the proposed subdivision; said communication may also include the city's recommendation with respect to whether land shall be dedicated and/or a cash contribution shall be made by the developer to satisfy the public land dedication requirements as contained in chapter 5 of this title. The preapplication conference may be waived by mutual agreement between the city, and the owner or developer. (Ord. 542, 11-26-2007)