10-14-5: AMENDMENTS:
   A.   Authority: The regulations set forth in the text of the zoning title and the zoning district map may be amended upon application by any person or party, or by the City Council. This Title shall only be amended when the proposed change promotes the public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare of the residents of the City.
   B.   Standards: The Board shall use the following standards when considering amendments to the this Title:
      1.   The suitability of the subject property for uses authorized by the existing zoning;
      2.   The suitability of the subject property for uses authorized by the proposed zoning;
      3.   The existing land uses of nearby property;
      4.   Existing zoning of nearby property;
      5.   Whether the petitioned zoning change is in the best interest of the general public or is solely for the benefit of the petitioner.
   C.   Public Hearing Required: No zoning text amendment or zoning district map amendment shall be considered except after a public hearing has been conducted by the Zoning Board of Appeals as provided in Section 10-14-6 of this Chapter. The Board shall prepare a record of the findings of fact and decision in each case from the evidence presented at the public hearing. (Ord. 123, 1979)
   D.   Decision Authority: After the public hearing, the Zoning Board of Appeals shall make a recommendation to the City Council to approval or deny the proposed amendment. The City Council shall have the final authority to approve any amendments to the zoning district map or the zoning text. All decisions of the City Council on amendments are final and not subject to review in the courts of the State. (Ord. 123, 1979; amd. 2000 Code)