A.   Required: Within the city, no structure or improvement, home occupation or use of land may be altered, changed, placed, erected or located on platted or unplatted land, unless the structure, improvement or use, and its location, conform with this title, and an improvement location permit for such structure, improvement or use has been issued by the zoning administrator. For purposes of this section, "structure" shall include a "manufactured home" or "mobile home", as defined in this title.
   B.   Permit Issuance, Fee:
      1.   Authority: The zoning administrator shall issue an improvement location permit upon written application when the proposed structure, improvement or use and its location conform in all respects with the requirements of this title.
      2.   Fee: When an application for an improvement location permit is filed with the zoning administrator, it shall be accompanied with a fee set in accordance with the schedule of fees set forth in section 10-14-3 of this title. (Ord. 294, 1993)
   C.   Plot Plan, Contents: Any person who makes application for an improvement location permit for a permanent building (i.e., excluding portable buildings) shall, at the time of making such application, furnish the zoning administrator with a survey of the lot in question, prepared by a surveyor registered with the state of Illinois, drawn to scale as required by the zoning administrator and showing the following items:
      1.   The location and size of all buildings or structures, including manufactured homes already on the site and those to be erected;
      2.   The width of all entrances to and exits from the site;
      3.   All adjacent streets and roadways;
      4.   Any additional information requested by the zoning administrator; and
      5.   In the case of mobile or manufactured homes, proof that they have the approval of housing and urban development as to complying with federal manufactured home construction and safety standards.
As an alternative to a survey as set forth herein, an applicant may provide the zoning administrator with proof of site locations with sufficient certainty to satisfy the zoning administrator that the provisions of the zoning ordinance will be met with respect to the location, size and character of the improvements thereon. Such proof may be the locating of surveyor stakes or pins on the lot in question or a lot directly adjacent to the lot in question, but the determination of the zoning administrator as to the adequacy of such proof shall be final and not subject to question by any applicant. In such event a plot plan, drawn to scale and providing the information set forth above shall be provided. (Ord. 450, 8-12-2002)