(A)   The Commission may at any time after the adoption of this chapter designate resources as historic resources but only upon application by the owner of the resource.  The Commission may establish rules and criteria which must be observed by an owner applying to have a resource designated a historic resource.  In any case the Commission, in determining whether a resource shall be designated a historic resource, shall consider the following:
      (1)   The historic or architectural value and significance of the resource.
      (2)   The relationship of any architectural features of the resource to the rest of the resource.
      (3)   Other factors, such as aesthetic value, that the Commission finds relevant.
      (4)   The resource could be anywhere in the city.
   (B)   Once a resource is designated a historic resource the City Manager shall assure a record of the designation is made by recording an appropriate document with the Cheboygan County Register of Deeds; any subsequent elimination shall also be recorded.
   (C)   An owner may terminate the historic resource designation, or three members of the Commission may submit a request to the Commission to have a historic resource's designation terminated.  The Commission, in determining such a request, shall consider:
      (1)   Whether retaining the historic resource designation will cause undue financial hardship to the owner and all feasible alternatives to eliminate the financial hardship have been attempted and exhausted by the owner.
      (2)   Retaining the historic resource is not in the interest of the majority of the community.
(Ord. passed 3-12-02)