(A)   There shall be provided in all districts at the time of erection or enlargement of any main building or structure, automobile off-street parking space with adequate access to all spaces. The number of off-street parking spaces, in conjunction with all land or building uses shall be provided, prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy as hereinafter prescribed.
   (B)   Off-street parking may be located within any non-required yard and within the rear yard setback unless otherwise provided in this chapter.
   (C)   Off-street parking for other than residential use shall be either on the same lot or within 300 feet of the building it is intended to serve, measured from the nearest point of the building to the nearest point of the off-street parking lot. Ownership shall be shown of all lots or parcels intended for use as parking by applicant.
   (D)   Residential off-street parking spaces shall consist of a parking strip, parking bay, driveway, garage, or combination thereof and shall be located on the premises they are intended to serve, and subject to the provisions of § 154.101.
   (E)   Any area once designated as required off-street parking shall not be changed to any other use unless and until equal facilities are provided elsewhere.
   (F)   Off-street parking existing at the effective date of this code in connection with the operation of an existing building or use shall not be reduced to an amount less than hereinafter required for a similar new building or new use.
   (G)   Two or more buildings or uses may collectively provide the required off-street parking in which case the required number of parking spaces shall not be less than the sum of the requirements for the several individual uses computed separately.
   (H)   In the instance of dual function of off-street parking spaces where operating hours of buildings do not overlap, the Board of Appeals may grant an exception.
   (I)   The storage of merchandise, motor vehicles for sale, trucks, or the repair of vehicles is prohibited.
   (J)   For those uses not specifically mentioned, the requirements for off-street parking facilities shall be in accord with a use which the Planning Commission considers is similar in type.
   (K)   When units or measurements determining the number of required parking spaces result in the requirement of a fractional space, any fraction up to and including ½ shall be disregarded and fractions over ½ shall require one parking space.
   (L)   For the purpose of computing the number of parking spaces required, the definition of Usable Floor Area in § 154.002 shall govern.
(`73 Code, 15.315, § 5.112)  (Ord. eff. 8-1-67; Am. Ord. passed 1973)