(A)   The site plan shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission and other appropriate bodies as heretofore designated with a recommendation for its approval or disapproval by the City Council with any conditions the Planning Commission or other appropriate bodies feel should be imposed.
   (B)   The City Council shall have the function and power to approve or disapprove the site plan subject to compliance with such modifications and conditions as may be deemed necessary to carry out the purpose of these regulations and other ordinances or resolutions of the city.  Ten copies of the site plan shall be provided to the city five days prior to the City Council meeting scheduled for consideration of the site plan.
   (C)   The City Council shall have the function and power to request additional professional review from the City Attorney, Engineering Consultant and/or Planning Consultant, and the permittee shall be responsible for any and all charges incurred therefor.
   (D)   Conditions or changes stipulated by the Planning Commission shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting and made available to the applicant in writing. Three copies of an approved site plan, with or without changes, shall contain the signatures of the Chairman of the Planning Commission, the Clerk, Zoning Administrator, and the applicant. A signed copy shall be retained by the Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator, and the applicant.
   (E)   An approved site plan shall also prescribe the period of time within which the improvements specified on the improved site plan are required to be completed.  The period will begin from the date of issuance of the zoning compliance permit.
(Ord. passed 5-11-99)