All site plans as required by this subchapter shall be submitted to the city in 24 copies. The Zoning Administrator shall adhere to the following procedures in the review of the site plan:
   (A)   For variance requests, the site plan shall be reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals with a decision made by the Zoning Board of Appeals.
   (B)   For rezoning requests, the site plan shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission with action from the City Council.
   (C)   All other site plan reviews shall use the following procedures:
      (1)   Upon receipt of the proposed site plan and complete site plan review application, the Zoning Administrator shall route such plan to the Department of Public Works, Department of Public Safety, Engineering Department, and the Water and Wastewater Departments for review and comment, and shall thereupon prepare and forward a written recommendation to the Planning Commission to approve, deny or modify the proposed site plan. If modifications are recommended, the owner or his or her representative shall be notified in advance of the Planning Commission meeting so that adjustments can be made prior to such meeting.  Fourteen copies of the proposed site plan shall be submitted for staff review no less than 14 days prior to the first Planning Commission meeting to consider the same.
      (2)   The Planning Commission shall review the site plan at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The Planning Commission may elect to postpone a decision on the site plan until its next regularly scheduled meeting if the owner or authorized representative fails to be present or the site plan is determined to be incomplete or had not been submitted as required in division (C)(1) above.
      (3)   The Planning Commission shall recommend, recommend with specified changes and/or conditions, or recommend disapproval of the applicant's request, to the City Council using the standards described in this subchapter to the City Council.
   (D)   The following information shall accompany all plans submitted for review:
      (1)   A legal description of the property under consideration;
      (2) A map indicating the gross land area of the development, the present zoning classification thereof and the zoning classification and land use of the area surrounding the proposed development, including the location of structures and other improvements;
      (3)   The names and addresses of the property owner, architect, planner, designer, or engineer responsible for the preparation of the site plan;
      (4) Drawings or sketches of the exterior and elevations, and/or perspective drawings of the building or structures under consideration;
      (5)   Payment of a non-refundable fee in an amount established by resolution of the City Council from time to time upon recommendation of the City Manager.
   (E)   The following information shall be included on the site plan:
      (1)   A scale of not less than 1" = 40', If the subject property is less than three acres, and 1" = 100', if it is three acres or more;
      (2)   Date, north point and scale;
      (3)   The dimensions of all lot and property lines, showing the relationship of the subject property to abutting properties;
      (4)   The siting of all structures on the subject property;
      (5)   The location of each proposed structure in the development area, the use or uses to be contained therein, the number of stories, gross building areas, distances between structures and lot lines, setback lines, and approximate location of vehicular entrances and loading points;
      (6)   The location of all existing and proposed drives and parking areas with the number of parking and/or load spaces provided and compliance with ADA requirements;
      (7)   All pedestrian walks, malls and open areas;
      (8)   Location and height of all walls, fences and screen planting, including a general plan for the landscaping of the development and the method by which landscaping is to be accomplished and be maintained;
      (9)   The location of all abutting streets;
      (10)    Types of surfacing, such as paving, turning or gravel to be used at the various locations;
      (11)    A grading plan with topographic elevations of the area, showing a method of storm drainage in conformance with the Cheboygan County Soil and Sedimentation Ordinance;
      (12)    Site and location of proposed sewer and water lines and connections;
      (13)    The number of proposed units (for multiple family developments);
      (14)    Significant environmental features such as wetlands, shoreline, streams, wood lots, existing trees and vegetation; and
      (15)    Information as may be required by the Planning Commission, City Council, and/or Zoning Administrator to assist in the consideration of the proposed development.
   (F)   The location and design of driveways for vehicles entering or leaving the site shall be established under the following standards:
      (1)   Driveways shall not conflict with or create undue congestion or hazard along existing streets or with sidewalks;
      (2)   Commercial driveways shall be curbed and paved with a width not exceeding 30 feet and a radius of not less than 25 feet with an intersection angle at the street of 90 degrees.  The Planning Commission may approve a variance to this standard based on a finding that special circumstances exist that merit the variance;
      (3)   A buffer area shall be established adjacent to and on both sides of all driveways between the right-of-way line and the pavement edge to provide a physical barrier between traffic and activity on private property, thereby providing an unobscured vision area and preventing potentially hazardous movement of vehicles from and to the street. Where vehicle parking encroaches upon the buffer area and/or an established sidewalk, the Planning Commission shall require the establishment of a guardrail, guard posts, curb or equivalent;
      (4)   All driveways shall be at least 60 feet from the point of curvature of any intersecting street radius unless the property line dimensions do not provide for such distance, in which case the driveway encroachment shall be located as far from the curvature point as is possible;
      (5)   The applicant shall hold the city harmless against any and all claims for damages arising from his/her negligence or his/her contractor's negligence in operations regarding the driveway and the Planning Commission may require a certificate of general liability insurance to insure claims for damage or personal property;
      (6)   The driveway shall be designed and constructed so as not to alter or adversely affect the drainage and the stability of the street or its subgrade. The driveway shall, also, conform to the slope of the street between the edge of the pavement and the edge of the shoulder.
   (G)   In order that building, open space and landscaping will be in harmony with other structures and improvements in the area, and to assure that no undesirable health, safety, noise and traffic conditions will result from the development, the Planning Commission shall determine whether the site plan meets the following criteria, unless the Planning Commission determines that one or more of such criteria are inapplicable:
      (1)   The vehicular transportation system shall provide for circulation throughout the site and for efficient ingress and egress to all parts of the site by fire and safety equipment;
      (2)   Pedestrian sidewalks shall be constructed in locations parallel to public streets and in other areas as deemed necessary by the Planning Commission for separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, or as may be required under city ordinance;
      (3)   The site plan shall comply with the district requirements for minimum floor space, height of building, lot size, yard space, density and all other requirements as set forth in this chapter, unless otherwise provided;
      (4)   The requirements for fencing, walks, and other protective barriers shall be complied with as provided in the zoning ordinance of the city and as deemed appropriate by the Planning Commission;
      (5)   The site plan shall provide for adequate storage space for the use therein;
      (6)   Reasonable security measures shall be provided as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Safely for resident protection in all multiple family residential developments;
      (7)   Fire protection measures shall be provided as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Safety in conformance with all applicable laws of the State of Michigan for the protection of residents and/or occupants of the structures;
      (8)   The site plan shall comply with all parking requirements based on proposed use as established by city ordinance.
(Ord. passed 5-11-99; Am. Ord. passed 12-13-05; Am. Ord. eff. 4-19-07)