Temporary occupancy of any mobile home or trailer for purposes connected with construction activities shall be permitted provided that:
   (A)   The mobile home or trailer be located in such a manner to be on the actual construction site or as close as possible as to be practical;
   (B)   The mobile home or trailer be located in such a manner so as to not hinder or obstruct the normal or safe flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
   (C)   The owner or person in contact of the mobile home or trailer obtain permission in writing to do so from the Zoning Officer 48 hours prior to the proposed location of the trailer. All permits shall be issued for no longer than 60 calendar days, unless in the estimation of the Zoning Officer the construction shall be of such a substantial duration that would involve a practical difficulty in renewal. In such cases specific time limit shall be determined by the Zoning Officer and so stated on the permit;
   (D)   The mobile home or trailer not be utilized for sleeping purposes;
   (E)   The mobile home or trailer be removed immediately upon completion of construction activities;
   (F)   In no case shall any trailer or mobile home or similar self propelled vehicle be located pursuant to this section until a valid permit is secured from the city or evidence of permits from other issuing authorities are presented to the Zoning Officer. The only exception to this shall be in the case of subcontractors or allied users who are involved with the permitted construction.
(`73 Code, 35.027, § 6.7)  (Ord. eff. 2-14-83)  Penalty see § 10.99