Temporary occupancy of a mobile home shall be permitted for a period not to exceed 15 calendar days provided that:
   (A)   The trailer is located on property which is zoned or used as R1-A (single-family residential) or R1-B (single-family residential) or R-M (multiple-family residential district);
   (B)   The trailer is located in such a way as not to be any closer to the front of the lot than the front most part of the house;
   (C)   The trailer not be occupied for sleeping purposes by a greater number of people that it was designed to accommodate;
   (D)   No person shall spill or drain any waste water or liquid upon the ground or any paved area, or into any stream or tributary.
(`73 Code, 35.026, § 6.6)  (Ord. eff. 2-14-83)  Penalty see § 10.99