(A)   Licenses requested under this chapter may be refused by the City Clerk or City Manager and licenses issued may be revoked or suspended by the City Clerk or City Manager at any time, for any of the following causes:
      (1)   Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement contained in the application for license;
      (2)   Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement made in the operation of a business;
      (3)   Any violation of this code;
      (4)   Conducting a business in an unlawful manner or in such manner as to constitute a breach of the peace or to constitute a menace to the health, morals, safety or welfare of the public;
      (5)   The failure or inability of an applicant to meet and satisfy the requirements and provisions of this code.
   (B)   Written notice of suspension or revocation stating the causes therefor shall be delivered to the licensee personally or mailed to his address stated in his application for license.
   (C)   Any person or entity whose license is revoked or suspended or any person or entity whose request for a license is refused shall have the right to a hearing before the City Manager provided a written request therefor is filed with the City Clerk within ten days following the delivery or mailing of notice of revocation or suspension or within ten days following such refusal.
   (D)   The City Council may reverse any refusal to issue a license or any revocation or suspension of a license, and the City Council may grant or reinstate any license.
   (E)   No person shall operate any business during any time when his license or permit therefor has been suspended, revoked or canceled.
(Ord. passed 7-28-98)