The owner or person in charge or control of any lot or parcel of land within the city upon which any tree, shrub, vine or plant may be standing adjacent to any public way shall trim or cause to be trimmed, either at the property line or to a clear height of at least eight feet above the surface of such public way, all branches thereof which overhang any portion of such public way or which obstruct or interfere with the passage of light from any street lighting system, and shall not plant or maintain any thereof so close to any property line as to obstruct thereby the vision of travelers along the streets. The city may enter upon any such private premises to do such trimming as it determines necessary, or to remove such obstructions herein prohibited, upon the failure of the owner to do so after notice to him in writing. The owner shall, or the city may, remove from such tree, shrub, plant or vine all dead, decayed, unsightly, broken or dangerous limbs and branches that overhang or are close to the public way; and when any such tree, shrub, plant or vine is dead, the owner shall remove the same or, after notice of such intention to the owner, the city may do so and charge the cost thereof to such owner.
(`73 Code, 30.107, § 4.97)  (Am. Ord. passed 8-24-99)  Penalty see § 10.99