(A)   Establishment; terms; meetings; secretary. The Rental Housing Board of Appeals is hereby established in and for the city, consisting of seven members of legal age who reside in the city. Pursuant to a resolution of Council, this Rental Housing Board consists of the Zoning Board of Appeals. If the Zoning Board of Appeals is not the Rental Housing Board, members shall be appointed by the City Council and shall serve without compensation. Members shall be appointed to serve three-year terms, except for the initial appointments of three members for terms of three years and two members for terms of two years. Subsequent appointments shall be for three-year terms and members shall be eligible for reappointment. In the event of a vacancy, interim appointments shall be made by the City Commission to complete the unexpired term. The Board shall meet monthly or more frequently at the call of the Chairperson and shall adopt rules for the conduct of its business, subject to the approval of the City Commission. The City Clerk or his or her designee shall serve as Secretary to the Board.
   (B)   Appeals. Any aggrieved party may appeal a decision of the Housing Administrator to the Board. The Board may interpret this chapter. It also may grant variances to this chapter if it is demonstrated that undue hardship will result from the strict application of this chapter. The Board may not modify, subtract from or add to this chapter, except as may be incidental in its interpretation and grant of a variance. Decisions of the Board shall be final.
(Ord. passed 10-13-98)