(A)   Only manufactured cement boxes and vaults of equal or superior construction to the cement boxes, at the discretion of the City Manager, shall be used for interment. The following exceptions shall be allowed at the discretion of the City Manager and that is when the religion or conviction of the deceased shall prevent the use of said cement box, or where sufficient money is not available from the deceased's estate. In either case, the deceased shall be buried in a designated portion of the cemetery for such burial types.
   (B)   Reasonable notice must be given the Superintendent/Sexton and all arrangements must be completed for services to be furnished and payment made prior to a grave opening. All interments, disinterments, grave openings, grave locations and arrangements shall be under the direction of the Superintendent/Sexton.
   (C)   The city reserves the right of refusal for any disinterments except by order of the next of kin or legal representatives of the deceased. Presentation of a permit from the State Board of Health except for re-interment in any cemetery operated by the city shall be required prior to disinterment.
   (D)   No interment shall take place without a burial permit, nor until all laws, ordinances and rules and regulations relative to burials have been complied with. The city shall not be liable for such burial permit or responsible for the accuracy of the data contained therein, or for the identity of the person to be interred. No grave shall be opened unless the grave space has been paid for, with the exception of indigent cases, or unless the funeral director assumes the responsibility of payment for such grave space. Funeral directors making arrangements for burials shall be responsible for all interment charges if not paid by the owner or his agent.
(Ord. passed 7-13-99)  Penalty, see § 91.99