The following provisions are enacted to create and preserve the maximum beauty of the entire cemetery:
   (A)   The city reserves to itself the sole right to plant and maintain all permanent planting within the cemetery. Lot owners desiring special permanent planting on their lots may make their request to the Cemetery Superintendent/Sexton who may permit such planting to be done at the lot owner's expense. Such planting shall immediately become the property of the cemetery. All plantings so installed shall be subject to the satisfaction and approval of the city. Approved trees and shrubbery are the responsibility of the lot holder; they must be maintained so as not to encroach on any other spaces or memorial. If they are overgrown or not otherwise maintained, they are subject to removal at owner’s expense.
   (B)   Permanent receptacles for cut flowers approved by the Cemetery Superintendent/Sexton are allowed.
      (1)   In addition to the containers, baskets on “shepherd” hooks will be permitted. One single shepherd hook will be permitted per marked occupied gravesite except for double headstone sites, wherein two may be allowed. The hooks shall be located on either side of the marker and must be flush to the marker with the basket hanging directly over the marker.
      (2)   Containers must be made out of bronze, concrete, steel, clay, copper, marble, or granite. Containers made of other materials require approval in advance from the Superintendent/Sexton. Containers shall be located at the head of the grave beside the marker, not in front or behind, and it is recommended that they be placed upon a concrete slab not to exceed 18" x 18" or incorporated into the marker.
   (C)   Miscellaneous articles, such as glass jars, tin cans, crushed stones, plastic or metal edging, and objects of similar nature, including those of styrofoam or other plastics are not to be placed on any lot or grave at any time.
   (D)   Dead or dying trees, bushes, or other plants shall be removed at the discretion of the Superintendent/Sexton. Artificial flowers must be located within containers approved by the Superintendent/Sexton.
   (E)   Winter decoration may be maintained on graves from November 1 until April 15, at which time they shall be removed by the cemetery employees. Rubbish, refuse and unused containers shall not be left on lots, but shall be placed at the edge of the nearest accessible row, alley or in a container provided for such disposal. The city reserves the right to remove all floral designs, flowers, trees, shrubs, plants, or herbage of any kind from the cemetery as soon as, in the judgment of the Cemetery Superintendent/Sexton, they become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental or diseased or when they do not conform to the established standards and rules promulgated by the City Council without informing lot owners prior to removal.
   (F)   Flower beds are allowed on grave sites, provided they are maintained from the headstone to the outer edge of the flower bed, and do not encroach upon adjoining lots. One flowerpot or one urn for each side of headstone per plot shall be allowed on each grave. All urns and flowerpots are to be placed immediately next to the side of the headstone. Urns and flowerpots shall be maintained by the owner.
   (G)   Flowers and winter wreaths. Flowers, natural, dried or artificial, are permitted within the approved containers listed in division (B)(2) above.
   (H)   Unsightly objects erected or placed upon lots or graves which are objectionable, non-conforming to rules or detrimental to cemetery appearance shall not be permitted. Whenever such objects become unsightly due to weathering, deterioration or become withered, the city reserves the right to remove them without notice to the owner.
   (I)   Summer articles.  In order for the city to complete fall and spring maintenance, all articles placed on lots are to be removed by October 1 of each year and no placement of articles may be made prior to May 1 of each year.
(Ord. passed 7-13-99)  Penalty, see § 91.99