§ 72.07  VIOLATIONS.
   Parking meters when installed and properly operated shall be in conformity with the requirements of Uniform Traffic Code as it applies to metered parking zones. In cases where vehicles remain in a metered parking for 60 minutes after having received a citation for parking beyond the time allowed in the parking zone, the enforcement officer shall attach to the vehicle, or hand to the operator, a second violation notice, different in color than the original violation notice, indicating the vehicle has been parked in excessive violation of this section and instructing the owner and/or operator of the vehicle to report to the Parking Violations Bureau in regard to such violation. Such owner or operator may within 48 hours of the time when such notice was attached to such vehicle or handed to him, pay the Parking Violations Bureau, and in full satisfaction of such violation, an amount which shall be established by resolution of the City Council from time to time upon recommendation of the City Manager.
(`73 Code, 20.143, § 10.13)  (Am. Ord. eff. 7-13-81)