(A)   The following described streets are hereby designated as streets that access the snowmobile trail route:
      (1)   West side.
         (a)   Lincoln Avenue Huron Street to the DNR snowmobile trail at Western Avenue eastbound and westbound/shoulder.
         (b)   Huron Street shoulder from Mill Street, to Lincoln Avenue northbound and southbound.
         (c)   Division Street from DNR trail to Huron Street eastbound and westbound.
         (d)   Mill Street, east and west, from Main Street to Huron.
      (2)   East side.
         (a)   East Lincoln Avenue shoulder and right-of-way from Lincoln Avenue Bridge to South Street.
         (b)   Eastern Avenue shoulder from Duncan Avenue to Vanyea Road west to DNR trail.
         (c)   Lafayette Avenue shoulder from East State Street south to DNR trail which intersects Lafayette Avenue.
   (B)    Sidewalk and right-of-way routes include the following:
      (1)   From Lincoln Avenue to Taylor Street along Main Street for two-way snowmobile traffic.
      (2)   From the north and south sides of the Lincoln Avenue Bridge for east and west travel across the bridge on the bridge sidewalks.
      (3)   Lincoln Avenue sidewalks from Huron Street eastbound and westbound to Main Street.
      (4)   On the west side of Main Street from Lincoln Avenue south to the city limits.
(Ord. passed 12-23-97; Am. Ord. passed 11-28-2000)