(A)   The Bureau may dispose only of municipal ordinance violations designated as a civil infraction for which a fine has been scheduled and for which a municipal ordinance violation notice has been issued. Nothing in this chapter shall prevent or restrict the city from issuing a municipal civil infraction citation for any violation or from prosecuting any violation in a court of competent jurisdiction. No person shall be required to dispose of a municipal civil infraction citation at the Bureau and may have the violation processed before a court of appropriate jurisdiction. The unwillingness of any person to dispose of any violation at the Bureau shall not prejudice the person or in any way diminish the person's rights, privileges and protection accorded by law.
   (B)   The scope of the Bureau's authority shall be limited to accepting admissions of responsibility for municipal ordinance violations and collecting and retaining civil fines and costs as a result of those admissions. The Bureau shall not accept payment of a fine from any person who denies having committed the offense or who admits responsibility only with explanation, and in no event shall the Bureau determine, or attempt to determine, the truth or falsity of any fact or matter relating to an alleged violation.
(Ord. passed 4-27-99)