§ 33.09  OBJECTIONS.
   (A)   Any person deeming himself aggrieved by the special assessment roll may file his objections thereto in writing with the Clerk, which written objections shall specify the manner in which he deems himself aggrieved. The Council shall meet and review the special assessment roll at the time and place appointed or at an adjourned date therefor and shall consider any written objections thereto. 
(`73 Code, 12.214, § 1.114)
   (B)   If, at or prior to final confirmation of any special assessment roll, written objections to the proposed improvement have been filed by the owners of property who will be required to bear more than 50% of the amount of such special assessment, the improvement shall not be made or authorized without the affirmative vote of five members of the Council. 
(`73 Code, 12.215, § 1.115)