(A)   The Assessor shall thereupon prepare a special assessment roll including all parcels of land within the special assessment district designated by the Council and shall assess against each parcel of land such relative portion of the whole sum to be levied against all the lands in the special assessment district as the benefit to such lot or parcel of land bears to the total benefits to all lands in such district. There shall also be entered upon such roll the amount which has been assessed to the city at large, if any. 
(`73 Code, 12.211, § 1.111)
   (B)   Upon completion of such assessment roll, the Assessor shall attach thereto, or endorse thereon, his certificate to the effect that said roll was made by him pursuant to a resolution of the Council (giving date of adoption of same) and that in making the assessments therein, he used his best judgment and conformed in all respects to the directions contained in such resolution and the Charter and the provisions of this chapter. Thereupon, the special assessment roll shall be filed with the Clerk who shall present the same to the Council. 
(`73 Code, 12.212, § 1.112)
   (C)   Upon receipt of such special assessment roll, the Council shall order it filed in the office of the Clerk for public examination, and shall by resolution, fix the time and the place when the Council will hold a public hearing thereon. The hearing shall be held not less than ten days after notice thereof has been given by publication and by notice sent by first class mail to all property owners in the proposed district as shown by the current assessment roll of the city. 
(`73 Code, 12.213, § 1.113)