(A)   After the filing of the report and the plans and specifications, the Council shall by resolution, order the same filed with the Clerk and provide for a public hearing. The hearing shall be held not less than ten days after notice thereof has been given by publication and by notice sent by first class mail to all property owners in the proposed district as shown by the current assessment roll of the city. 
(`73 Code, 12.208, § 1.108)
   (B)   At the time and place specified in such notice for the public hearing, the Council shall meet and hear any person to be affected by the proposed public improvement. The hearing may be adjourned from time to time by the Council and the Council may make any changes in the proposed improvement or assessments which it deems reasonable or proper and in the best interests of the city. In the event any proposed improvement is extended or enlarged upon or additions made to the district to be assessed, no final determination shall be made by the Council until after another hearing is held pursuant to notice as required for the original hearings. 
(`73 Code, 12.209, § 1.109)