(A)   The Human Relations Board shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
      (1)   To foster mutual understanding and respect among all racial, religious and nationality groups in the city; to discourage and prevent discriminatory practices among any such group or any of its members; to cooperate with city, state and federal agencies as well as with nongovernmental organizations, including groups and agencies of governmental units adjacent to the city; and to make such investigations and studies in any field of human relations as are permitted by law and as, in the judgment of the Board, will aid in effectuating its general purpose;
      (2)   To formulate and carry out programs of community education and information, with the object of discouraging and eliminating any tension, prejudice or discrimination;
      (3)   To secure the cooperation of various racial, religious, nationality and ethnic groups, formal or informal groupings in the community, veterans' organizations, business and industry organizations and fraternal, benevolent and service groups in educational campaigns devoted to the need for eliminating group prejudice or racial or area tension, intolerance and discrimination;
      (4)   To monitor conditions, practices, attitudes and other factors contributing to or giving rise to misunderstandings, misapprehensions, failures of communication, and incidents of non-cooperation among the citizenry and with public officials;
      (5)   Special reports and recommendations may be prepared and rendered when deemed warranted by the Board or when requested by the City Council or the City Manager.  The reports should include a review and analysis of the effectiveness of prior actions, projects or programs, including, where appropriate, recommendations with regard thereto.
      (6)   To make a prompt and full investigation of claimed discrimination upon receipt of a written complaint sworn to under oath before a notary public setting forth the names, dates, witnesses and other factual matters pertaining to the allegation.  Upon a determination that discrimination has occurred, the Board shall attempt to eliminate or adjust the practice by conciliation and persuasion.
   (B)   The Board may request the City Council to establish special ad hoc committees or task forces to conduct studies, analyze situations and make recommendations with regard to any of the areas set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. eff. 10-2-03)