The Council shall have power to enact all ordinances deemed necessary for the establishment, maintenance, and protection of cemeteries, together with the improvements thereon and appurtenances thereto, owned or hereafter acquired by the city either within or without its corporate limits. All ordinances pertaining to public health and welfare in the regulation and protection of public cemeteries shall apply equally to all cemeteries within the city belonging to, or under the control of, any church or religious society, or any corporation, company, or association. The city may cause any bodies buried within the city in violation of any rule or ordinance made in respect to such burials, to be taken up and reburied in such manner as shall conform to the ordinances of the city, or to be buried elsewhere. In any cemetery established by the city, a plan for the platting, sale, and perpetual care of all lots, plots, and lands therein shall be provided.