A.   No land shall, after the effective date hereof, be subdivided or filed for record, nor any street laid out, nor any improvements made to the land, until the plan or plans of the subdivision or street improvements shall have been duly considered and approved by action of the Village Board of Trustees. This approval must be in writing and placed on the original tracing of the final plans, according to the procedure outlined in chapter 4 of this title.
   B.   No lot, tract or parcel of land within any subdivision shall be offered for sale nor shall any sale, contract for sale, or option be made or given until such subdivision plans have been properly reviewed and officially approved by the Village Board of Trustees.
   C.   No improvements, such as sidewalks, water supply, stormwater drainage, sewage facilities, gas service, electric service, lighting, grading, paving or surfacing of streets shall hereafter be made within any such subdivision by any owner or owners or his or their agent until the plans for the subdivision and the plans for improvements thereto have been reviewed and approved by the Village Board of Trustees.
   D.   Subdivision of land lying outside of the Village and within one and one-half (11/2) miles of the Village limits shall also be required to conform with the requirements herein in accordance with the provisions of the "Revised Cities and Villages Act" of the State of Illinois.
   E.   All interpretations of these rules and regulations are reserved to the Village President and Board of Trustees.
   F.   The Village Board of Trustees may vary and make exceptions as set forth herein in instances where there is sufficient evidence, in its opinion, of hardship caused by topographic conditions or where any other reasonable deterrents prevail.
   G.   Whenever a parcel is divided into lots containing one to five (5) acres, inclusive, and there are indications that such lots will eventually be resubdivided into smaller building lots, consideration shall be given to the street and lot arrangement of the original subdivision so that additional minor streets can be opened which will permit a logical arrangement of smaller lots. (Ord. 91-6, 10-7-1991)