A.   Location Of Meters:
      1.   The owner and/or customer will provide at his/her expense a clean, dry, safe interior place, not subject to excessive variation in temperature, so that the water meter will be properly protected from freezing and other hazards, so located as to control the entire water supply, and as to be easily accessible for installation, maintenance, reading, and disconnection.
      2.   Acceptable meter locations, so long as they meet the preceding requirements, include basement, utility room, furnace room, meter room, garage, crawl space, and closet. Unacceptable locations include under lavatory or kitchen sink. Meter boxes are acceptable only for mobile homes without permanent foundations, buildings without heat, existing buildings that did not have water service and do not have an adequate location for a water meter, and lawn or garden watering systems.
      3.   One water service connection shall be supplied one meter, and the meter must be located so that access to the customer's meter is through the customer's own premises only. One water service connection shall not supply multiple meter installations.
      4.   The owner and/or customer must permit installation of the meter on the interior of the premises. The meter will be located so that it is easily accessible and as inconspicuous as possible.
   B.   Installation Of Meter And Appurtenances:
      1.   The Village will provide and install, at its expense, a suitable meter for each customer's water service connection. The Village will determine the size and type of meter. The meter will remain the sole property of the Village.
      2.   The Village shall also install, at the Village's expense, a stop and waste valve on the water service pipe at or near the influent to the meter and another stop or waste valve on the service pipe at or near the effluent side of the meter. A backflow prevention device at the option of the Village may be required at the Village's expense. If so required, it will be inserted at some convenient point on the customer's plumbing to protect the meter from excess pressure due to heating water.
   C.   Ownership And Responsibility For Meters: Meters will be owned and maintained by the Village at the Village's expense for normal maintenance requirements. Repair of damage due to freezing, hot water, or external causes which could have been prevented by ordinary precautions on the part of the customer and repair of any damage caused by the customer, will be paid for by the customer. The amount charged for repair will be the actual cost of maintenance and labor including removing, testing, and overhead expenses.
   D.   Inaccurate Meters; Testing:
      1.   A water meter will not be placed in service if it registers more than 101.5 percent or less than 98.5 percent of the water passing through at intermediate and maximum rates.
      2.   The Village reserves the right to remove and test any meter at any time and to install another meter in the place of the one removed. When a meter is removed for a test at the request of a customer, the Village may reinstall the same meter where it tests in accordance with subsection D1 of this section. (Ord. 17-04, 9-18-2017)