A.   Permit Requirements:
      1.   Permit Required: It shall be unlawful to make any excavation in or tunnel under any public street, alley, sidewalk or other public place in the Village without having first secured a permit therefor.
      2.   Application For Permit: Applications for such permits shall be made to the Village Board of Trustees and shall specify the intended location and the purpose of the excavation.
      3.   Bond Or Indemnification: No person shall make any such excavation or tunnel without first having secured and furnished the Village with a copy of or certificate of a bond or policy conditioned to indemnify and hold the Village harmless from any loss, damage or liability resulting from the work done or any acts or omissions in connection therewith.
   B.   Restoration Of Excavated Area: Any person making any such excavation shall refill the same properly and shall restore the surface to its condition before the excavation was made, as soon as possible. (1990 Code § 10.114)
   C.   Supervision: All such excavations, refills and resurfacing shall be made subject to the supervision and under the direction of the Village Engineer. (1990 Code § 10.114; amd. 2019 Code)