Each of the following acts, activities or conduct is hereby declared to be a nuisance within the limits of the Village:
   A.   Common Law Nuisances: To commit any offense which is a nuisance according to the common law of the land or made such by the Statutes of the State of Illinois.
   B.   Offensive Odors: To conduct any business or use any premises as to create such an offensive smell as may taint the air and render it unwholesome or disagreeable in the neighborhood.
   C.   Offensive Premises:
      1.   To cause or suffer the carcass of any animal or vegetable matter, slops, swill, suds, garbage, filth, stable drippings or offal or noisome substance of any kind to be collected or deposited or to remain in any place in the Village to the prejudice of others.
      2.   For any person to permit any slops, swill, garbage, stable drippings, offal, filth, refuse, or animal or vegetable matter, which is liable to become putrid or offensive or injurious to health, to remain on any premises or any place for a longer period than twelve (12) hours at a time.
      3.   To keep or suffer to be kept in a foul, offensive, nauseous or filthy condition, any chicken coop, cow house, stable, cellar, vault, drain, privy, sewer or sink upon any premises, railroad car, building, yard or grounds.
   D.   Offensive Animal Houses And Enclosures: To own, use or keep any yard, pen, place, railroad car or premises in or upon which cattle or other animals shall be confined or kept, or keep any fowl, cattle or animals, so as to be offensive to those residing in the vicinity or an annoyance to others.
   E.   Privies: To erect or maintain any privy within the Village.
   F.   Offensive Businesses:
      1.   To locate and carry on any packing house, rendery, tallow chandlery, glue or bone factory, soap factory or tannery within the limits of the Village and within the distance of one mile outside the Village limits.
      2.   To erect, continue or use any building or other place for the exercise of any trade, employment or manufacture which, by occasion of noxious exhalations, offensive smells or otherwise, is offensive or dangerous to the health of individuals or of the public.
      3.   To slaughter or kill any cattle, hogs or sheep, or keep, maintain or use in the Village any house or place in which the business of slaughtering any of said animals may be carried on.
   G.   Offensive, Dangerous Parking Of Certain Vehicles: To park or cause to be parked any semitrailer or tractor on any premises, street or alley in the Village if such parking is offensive or dangerous to the health or safety of individuals or of the public.
   H.   Depositing Offensive Substances:
      1.   To deposit any nightsoil, dead animal or other filthy, offensive or noisome substance upon any lot, street, alley, highway, park or other place.
      2.   To throw, drop or deposit any paper cup, carton, plate or other container upon a sidewalk, crosswalk, roadway or any part of any public street or public building which is offensive or injurious to the public.
   I.   Water Pollution:
      1.   To throw or deposit, or cause to be thrown or deposited, any offal or other offensive matter or the carcass of any animal in any watercourse, pond, spring, creek or well in or which flows through the Village.
      2.   To corrupt or render unwholesome or injure the water of any drinking hydrant, spring, stream, pond or lake to the injury and prejudice of others.
      3.   To obstruct or pollute any watercourse or source of water supply in the Village.
   J.   Stagnant Water:
      1.   To obstruct any watercourse, ravine or gutter so as to cause water to stagnate therein or to permit foul or stagnant water to stand upon any premises to the prejudice of others.
      2.   To allow water to accumulate and remain in a pond or ponds, either wholly or partly within the limits of any private property, for a period of more than ten (10) consecutive days. For the purpose of this subsection J2, the term "pond" shall be considered to mean any exposed surface of water not less than one hundred (100) square feet in area which has accumulated either by natural or artificial means in any depression or connected series of depressions of excavations, whether existing naturally or created artificially.
      3.   To permit any stagnant pool of water to remain or exist on any property where the condition is a threat to public health.
   K.   Air Pollution: To allow or permit any dense smoke, fly ash or soot to come or be emitted from any fire, chimney, engine, oil burner or other agency within the limits of the Village. Such nuisance may be summarily abated by whom the Village President and Board of Trustees may authorize for such purposes. Such abatement may be in addition to the fine provided for a violation of this section.
   L.   Weeds And Grass As Fire Hazards: Suffering grass, leaves, underbrush or other combustible matter to be collected or deposited or to remain on premises in such quantities and in such condition as to materially increase the danger to property of others from fires.
   M.   Open Burning: To cause or allow on any premises, street or alley, the burning of paper, leaves or other matter unless supervised by the person so doing until the fire is completely extinguished.
   N.   Expectorating In Public: To spit or expectorate on any public sidewalk, street or other public place or floor or walk or any public vehicle or hall or any public building.
   O.   Noisy Conditions:
      1.   To conduct any building operations or to operate any steam shovels, pneumatic hammers, steam or electric hoists or other apparatus, the use of which is attended with loud or unusual noise, during the hours set out in section 9-2-4 of this Code.
      2.   To use any building, or permit the use of the same, or rent the same to be used for any business or employment or for any purpose of pleasure or recreation if such use shall, from its noise or boisterous nature, disturb or destroy the peace of the neighborhood in which such building or premises is situated or be dangerous or detrimental to health.
   P.   Unsightly Premises:
      1.   To permit or maintain an unsightly yard or premises where there is an accumulation or deposit of any vehicle, equipment, material of any nature, waste or earth.
      2.   To maintain an unsightly yard or area where junk, wrecked or disabled automobiles, trucks or equipment, or other such matter, is allowed to accumulate.
   Q.   Dangerous Premises: To permit any building, structure or place to remain in such a condition as to be dangerous to the public health in any way.
   R.   Obstructing Public Ways: To obstruct or encroach upon public highways, private ways, streets, alleys and commons. (1990 Code §§ 13.403, 13.404, 13.406, 16.101; amd. 2019 Code)