(A)   The city’s Department of Civil Defense shall utilize to the fullest extent personnel and facilities of existing city departments and agencies. The City Manager shall be the Director of said Department and shall be responsible for its organization, administration and operation.
   (B)   The Department of Civil Defense shall also consist of such assistants, clerical help, employees and civil defense volunteers as are deemed necessary by the City Manager for the proper functioning of the organization, which assistants may include deputy directors in the areas of financial services, law enforcement, fire control, engineering services and health and medical services; any of such positions shall, so far as possible, be additional duty assignments to existing personnel, and it is the intent of this subchapter that civil defense and disaster assignments be as nearly consistent with normal duty assignments as possible.
   (C)   The organization of said Department shall also consist of the employees, equipment and facilities of all city departments and agencies suitable for or adaptable to civil defense and designated by the City Manager to participate in the civil defense activity.
(Prior Code, § 1.202)