A contract involving a prohibited conflict of interest under this subchapter shall be voidable only by decree of a court of proper jurisdiction in any action by the state or a political subdivision which is a party thereto, as to any person that entered into the contract or took assignment thereof, with actual knowledge of the prohibited conflict. In the case of a person other than an individual, the actual knowledge must be that of an individual or the body finally approving the contract for the person. An action to void any contract shall be brought within one year after discovery of circumstances suggesting the existence of a violation of the constitutional provision as implemented by this subchapter. To meet the ends of justice, any such decree shall provide for the reimbursement of any person for the reasonable value of all moneys, goods, material, labor or services furnished under the contract, to the extent that the state or political subdivision has benefitted thereby. This provision shall not prohibit the parties from arriving at an amicable settlement.
(Prior Code, § 1.58)