(A)   All fees applicable under this chapter shall be specified in a fee schedule determined from time to time by resolution of the legislative body of the city and maintained in the agent’s office.
   (B)   Permit fees shall be directly related to the actual costs of administering the SWM permit program, including design review, site inspection, enforcement and permit administration.
   (C)   A printed fee schedule shall be made available by the agent.
   (D)   If the agent determines that the basic fees will not cover the actual costs of the application review, or if the agent determines that review of the application and/or participation in the review process by qualified professional planners, engineers, attorneys, or other professionals is necessary or advisable, then the applicant shall deposit with the agent such additional fees in an amount determined by the agent equal to the estimated additional costs. The additional fees shall be held in escrow in the applicant’s name and shall be used solely to pay these additional costs. If the amount held in escrow becomes less than 10% of the initial escrow deposit or less than 10% of the latest additional escrow deposit and review of the application is not completed, then the agent may require the applicant to deposit additional fees into escrow in an amount determined by the agent to be equal to the estimated costs to complete the review. Failure of the applicant to make any escrow deposit required under this chapter shall be deemed to make the application incomplete thereby justifying the denial of the application. Any unexpended funds held in escrow shall be returned to the applicant following final action on the application. Any actual costs incurred by the agent in excess of the amount held in escrow shall be billed to the applicant and shall be paid by the applicant prior to the release of a final decision on the application.
(Ord. 810, passed 11-18-2019)