(A)   Upon adoption of this chapter, preference for registrations shall be determined as follows:
      (1)   First, properties duly registered prior to July 1, 2019.
      (2)   Second, properties which can demonstrate the property has been rented as an STR within the past calendar year.
      (3)   Third, all other properties which might qualify for registration and licensing.
   (B)   New applications will be placed on a waiting list in the order of when a complete application is received by the city.
      (1)   Applicants whose principle residence exemption is for a property located in the City of Charlevoix will get preference and be moved to the top of the list of new applicants.
      (2)   If the applicant is contacted and offered to register and refuses, they will be moved to bottom of the waiting list.
   (C)   A deposit will be required to be on the waiting list.
      (1)   The deposit will be used as partial payment for registration.
      (2)   The deposit is non-refundable when the applicant refuses registration or when the applicant voluntarily withdraws from the waiting list.
      (3)   Council shall, from time to time by resolution, set the deposit fee.
   (D)   The Enforcement Officer is empowered to develop a method for registration in accordance with this provision.
   (E)   Short-term rental shall follow applicable regulations found within chapter 153 of the Charlevoix City Code.
(Ord. 815, passed 2-17-2020)