(A)   Prior to issuance of any building permits or commencement of construction on any portion of the PUD, the applicant shall enter into an agreement with the city in a recordable form, that sets forth the applicant’s obligations with respect to the PUD.
   (B)   The agreement shall describe all improvements to be constructed as part of the PUD and shall incorporate, by reference, the final development plan with all required modifications, other documents which comprise the approved PUD and all conditions attached to the approval by the city.
   (C)   A phasing plan shall also be submitted, if applicable, describing the intended schedule for start and completion of each phase and the improvements to be undertaken in each phase.
   (D)   The agreement shall also establish the remedies of the city in the event of default by the applicant in carrying out the PUD and shall be binding on all successors in interest to the applicant.
   (E)   All documents shall be executed and recorded in the county.
(Prior Code, § 5.146)