§ 153.270  INTENT.
   The Planned Unit Development (PUD) District is established as an optional development tool to permit flexibility in the regulation of land development; to encourage innovation in land use, form of ownership and variety of design, layout and type of structures constructed; to achieve economy and efficiency in the use of land; to preserve significant natural, historical and architectural features and open space; to promote efficient provision of public services and utilities; to minimize adverse traffic impacts; to provide better housing, employment and business opportunities particularly suited to residents; to encourage development of convenient recreational facilities; and to encourage the use and improvement of existing sites when the uniform regulations contained in other zoning districts alone do not provide adequate protection and safeguards for the property and surrounding areas. It is the further intent of the PUD regulations to promote a higher quality of development than can be achieved from conventional zoning requirements in furtherance of the vision and goals of the adopted City Master Plan.
(Prior Code, § 5.140)