This Charter shall be submitted to a vote of the registered electors of the City of Charlevoix at the General Election to be held on April 3, 1978.  All provisions for the submission of the question of adoption of this Charter at such election and the counting and certifying of the vote thereon shall be made by the City Clerk in the manner provided by law.  This Charter shall be adopted if a majority of the ballots cast thereon are in favor of the adoption.
   The form of the ballot for the submission of this Charter to the electors shall be as follows:
            Shall the Charter proposed for the City
            of Charlevoix by the Charter Commission
            elected on April 7, 1975, be adopted?
            YES   ____
            NO    ____
            A “Yes” Vote will be a vote in favor of adoption of the proposed Charter.
            A “No” Vote will be a vote against adoption.