(A)   Ground signs.
      (1)   No part of a ground sign may exceed a height of 16 feet, measured from ground level.
      (2)   No part of a ground sign may be closer than four feet to the right-of-way line.
   (B)   Two-sided signs. A two-sided or multi-sided sign shall be regarded as one sign so long as the interior angle of a “V” type sign does not exceed 30 degrees and the two side are at no point separated by a distance that exceeds five feet; and the distance between the backs of each face of a double-faced (back-to-back) sign does not exceed three feet.
   (C)   Wall signs. No wall sign attached to a building may project more than 12 inches from the building wall. In those instances where a wall sign is affixed to the wall of the structure which lies on a right-of-way line, the bottom of the wall sign may be no closer than eight feet from the ground. In all other instances, see § 153.219 of this chapter for height requirements.
   (D)   Projecting signs.
      (1)   Projecting signs located above a public right-of-way shall be located at least nine feet from ground level, measured vertically from ground level to the bottom of the sign.
      (2)   Projecting signs located above an alley shall be located at least 16 feet above ground level, measured vertically from ground level to the bottom of the sign.
      (3)   No part of a projecting sign may extend more than eight feet over private property or a public right-of-way.
   (E)   Awning, canopy, marquee signs. Except for awning, canopy and marquee signs hanging entirely over private property, no part of an awning sign may be closer than eight feet from ground level.
   (F)   Temporary banner signs. Temporary banners in conjunction with a one-time event are only allowed in two specific locations within the city, adjacent to the city golf course and near the intersection of M 66 and U.S. 31. Temporary banners require a sign permit. Temporary banners may be erected not more than two weeks before the event and must be removed within two days after the event.
   (G)   Flags. Flags shall be a maximum of 15 square feet and shall be located so as to not interfere with pedestrian activity.
   (H)   Sandwich board signs.
      (1)   Shall be not more than 48 inches in height and 30 inches in width, and cannot exceed six square feet in sign face area;
      (2)   Shall be located on private property;
      (3)   Shall not block pedestrian access;
      (4)   Shall be constructed of durable materials and be clearly portable in terms of size, weight and placement;
      (5)   Shall only be displayed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m.;
      (6)   Shall use chalkboards or whiteboards for their signage area; and
      (7)   Shall not utilize changeable lettering for their messaging
(Prior Code, § 5.103) (Ord. 789, passed 3-19-2018) Penalty, see § 153.999