(A)   Self-storage facility.
      (1)   Minimum separation between self-storage buildings shall be 24 feet.
      (2)   Internal drive aisles shall be at least 20 feet wide; however, drives located between self-storage buildings and the property line may be one-way (and shall be marked as such) and 12 feet in width.
      (3)   All buildings shall be one story and shall not exceed 20 feet in height.
      (4)   An individual storage building shall not exceed 7,500 square feet.
      (5)   Except for recreational vehicles, motor homes and travel trailers, which may be stored outdoors, all other items shall be stored in an enclosed building. An outdoor storage area must be paved and completely screened from view from all adjacent residential districts and uses.
      (6)   Limited sales of products and supplies incidental to the principal use, such as packing materials, identification labels, rope, locks, tape and the like are permitted. Other uses such as auctions (except those authorized by the county for abandoned or garnished assets), sales or businesses of any other type are prohibited. The storage of combustible or flammable liquids, combustible fibers or explosive materials, as defined in the fire protection code, or toxic materials is also prohibited.
(Prior Code, § 5.54)