(A)   Day care center/nursery.
      (1)   Adequate space for drop off and pick up of children shall be provided near the door to the facility, so children are not required to cross parking lots or street traffic unattended.
      (2)   A minimum of two drop-off spaces shall be provided per 20 children or major fraction thereof, based on licensed capacity.
      (3)   A fenced outdoor play area shall be provided, in accordance with state requirements.
   (B)   Kennel, commercial.
      (1)   Runs, exercise areas and accessory buildings where animals are kept shall be set back at least 75 feet from any lot line abutting a residential use.
      (2)   Runs and/or exercise areas and buildings where the animals are kept shall only be located in a rear yard.
      (3)   A kennel shall be operated in conformance with all applicable county, state and federal regulations.
      (4)   The main kennel building used to house animals shall be sound insulated to minimize animal noise.
      (5)   Animals shall not be permitted in outdoor exercise yards or pens between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
      (6)   Animals shall be confined and shall not freely roam the property, except during supervised training.
      (7)   A run and/or exercise area shall be enclosed by a sufficiently tall chain link fence or completely covered on the sides and top to prevent animals from escaping.
      (8)   The waste disposal system shall be adequate and approved by the county’s Health Department.
   (C)   Veterinary clinic or hospital.
      (1)   An animal holding area shall be enclosed by a wall or fence of a height sufficient to contain animals on the premises.
      (2)   Kennels, pens, animal holding areas and/or stalls shall be at least at least 100 feet from a front property line and 30 feet from a side or rear line; however, if a side or rear yard abuts property in a residential district, the minimum setback shall be 50 feet.
(Prior Code, § 5.51)