(A)   Recreation facility, outdoor.
      (1)   The minimum site area shall be one acre.
      (2)   No building or spectator seating facility shall be located within 100 feet of a lot line adjoining property in a residential district.
      (3)   All buildings, courts and playfields shall be set back a minimum of 50 feet from all front, side and rear lot lines. The setback shall apply to open recreation areas, such as football, soccer and baseball/softball fields and shall be measured from the edge of the fields.
      (4)   The minimum parking lot setback shall be 20 feet for any lot line. Ground cover and landscaping shall be provided within the setback.
      (5)   Activities that produce mechanical noise, such as go-carts, are prohibited.
      (6)   Accessory commercial activities shall be limited to those necessary to serve only the patrons of the facility.
      (7)   Central loudspeakers/paging systems are prohibited.
      (8)   No temporary sanitary facility or trash receptacle shall be located within 100 feet of an existing dwelling.
      (9)   Adequate trash receptacles shall be provided as needed throughout the site.
      (10)   Operating hours for all uses shall be determined by the Planning Commission based on the nature of the use and the nuisance potential to adjoining property owners.
   (B)   Other.
(Prior Code, § 5.49)