Section 8.19  TAXES - PAYMENT OF
   The City Treasurer shall give notice to the taxpayers of the City not later than July 1st of each year by publication in a local newspaper of general circulation in the City, of the time when the City taxes will be due and when they can be paid without penalty, and that one (1) percent penalty per month will be charged upon all taxes remaining unpaid after September 1st.  As soon as practical after completion of the tax roll, and in no  event later than July 1st, the City Treasurer shall forward a statement of the taxes due, by first class mail addressed to the owners of the property upon which taxes are assessed, as indicated by the tax roll.  Failure on the part of the City Treasurer to mail this statement shall not invalidate the taxes on this roll or relieve the property assessed from the penalties provided by this Article or by the general tax laws of the State.