(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this district is to support the continued use of, and future development of, larger lots adjacent to the Municipal Airport without negative impacts to the adjacent residential areas.
   (B)   Applicability. This overlay district shall include the following addresses (see zoning map):
      (1)   210A W. Carpenter Avenue;
      (2)   1209 State Street;
      (3)   1213 State Street; and
      (4)   1217 State Street.
   (C)   Permitted uses. The following uses shall be permitted as special land uses, in accordance with the procedures of §§ 153.250 through 153.257 of this chapter. Uses normally applied to the I District are prohibited.
      (1)   Light manufacturing operations with ten or fewer employees;
      (2)   Attached or detached single-family dwellings;
      (3)   R2A multiple-family dwellings;
      (4)   Landscaping/nursery related; and
      (5)   Storage buildings.
   (D)   Dimensional requirements.
      (1)   Setbacks. The minimum setback requirements of the underlying zoning district shall apply.
      (2)   Height. The maximum permitted building height shall be 26 feet.
      (3)   Lot coverage. The maximum lot coverage shall not exceed 40% of the total lot.
(Prior Code, § 5.43)