§ 153.100  INTENT AND SCOPE.
   (A)   Intent. The intent of the overlay districts is to establish regulations in addition to the applicable regulations of the existing (underlying) zoning district that either supplement or replace those existing regulations. The overlay districts are applied in specific locations based on the environmental features, historic assets, scenic qualities, traffic conditions or other unique characteristics of the area, regardless of the established zoning districts.
   (B)   Scope. Several overlay districts are established, as described in this subchapter, to address the varied and unique needs of specific locations within the city. The boundaries of these districts shall be as described in this subchapter and shown on the zoning map. The requirements of this article are in addition to and shall supplement those imposed on the same lands by any underlying zoning provisions of this chapter or other ordinances of the city. These regulations supersede all conflicting regulations of the underlying districts to the extent of such conflict.
(Prior Code, § 5.40)