§ 153.070  INTENT.
   (A)   R1, Low Density Single-Family Residential District. This district is intended to provide stable, low density neighborhoods of predominantly single-family dwellings. This district also permits non-residential uses that contribute to the culture and well-being of single-family neighborhoods, such as parks, schools and churches.
   (B)   R2, Medium Density Family Residential District. The R2 District is intended to provide for residential neighborhoods where a mix of single-family residential, accessory dwelling units, single multiple-family dwellings, and attached dwellings are located.
   (C)   R2A, Two-Family Residential District. The R2A District allows for both single-family and two-family (duplex) dwellings in order to allow higher densities in appropriate locations and to provide expanded housing choices. This district also recognizes the existence of older residential areas in the city, where single-family homes have been or can be converted to two-family residences, in order to extend the economic life of these structures and allow the owners to justify the expenditures, repairs and modernization.
   (D)   R4, Planned High Density Residential. This district allows for higher density developments such as condominiums, apartment buildings, site condominiums, townhouses and clustered housing units.
   (E)   PC, Private Club Residential District.
      (1)   This district is intended to accommodate established single-family residential developments that are generally seasonal in nature, governed by a private club association, and in which the homes are privately owned, but the land is in common ownership.
      (2)   In addition, the district may include facilities for the common use and benefit of the members such as clubhouses, boathouses and other recreation related uses such as athletic courts, trail systems and beach cabanas.
(Prior Code, § 5.25) (Ord. 802, passed 4-15-2019; Ord. 805, passed 9-3-2019)