§ 153.042  HEARINGS.
   When an application for a hearing or appeal has been filed with the required data in proper form, and the fee paid, the Zoning Administrator shall immediately schedule the application or appeal for a hearing and serve notices stating the time, date, place and purpose of the hearing. The notice shall be given to all property owners and to the occupants of residential dwellings within 300 feet of the subject property. The names of owners shall be determined from the last assessment roll. If a tenant’s name is not known, the term “occupant” may be used. The notices shall be served by first-class mail or by personal delivery and shall be served at least three days prior to the hearing. Any interested party may appear and be heard at the hearing in person or by agent or attorney. The Board may adjourn the hearing in order to obtain additional information, or to provide further notice as it deems proper. In the case of an adjourned hearing, persons previously notified and persons already heard need not be notified of the resumption of the hearing.
(Prior Code, § 5.182)