(A)   The Board shall adopt rules and regulations. Copies of such regulations shall be made available to the public at the Office of Planning and Zoning.
   (B)   Meetings of the Board shall be held at such times as the Board may determine but, at least one time annually. There shall be a fixed place of meeting, and all meetings shall comply with the Open Meetings Act, Act 267 of the Public Acts of 1976, being M.C.L.A. §§ 15.261 through 15.275, as amended.
   (C)   The presence of four members shall constitute a quorum. The concurring vote of four members of the Board shall be necessary to reverse any order, requirement, decision or determination of the Zoning Administrator, or to decide in favor of the applicant on any matter upon which it is required to pass by this chapter, or to grant variation from the requirements of the chapter, except that a concurring vote of four members shall be necessary to grant a land use variance.
   (D)   The ZBA shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the action of the Board and the vote of each member upon each question or, if absent or failing to vote, indicate such fact, and shall keep records of its examinations and other official actions, all of which shall be filed promptly with the office of the City Clerk and shall be public record.
   (E)   The ZBA may call on other city departments or contracted city consultants for assistance in the performance of its duties and it shall be the duty of such other city departments or consultants to render such assistance to the Board as may be reasonably required.
   (F)   The ZBA may appoint an investigating committee of not more than three members of the Board to review an application and the affected site(s).
   (G)   Applications submitted to the ZBA shall consist of the following, as applicable:
      (1)   Signed and dated application form, as provided by the city;
      (2)   A scaled drawing with sufficient detail to indicate the nature and necessity of the request;
      (3)   Payment of a fee, as may be prescribed from time to time by the City Council, by resolution; and
      (4)   The city or ZBA, in furtherance of decisions related to the application, may request other materials deemed necessary including, but not limited to, traffic impact studies, market studies or environmental assessments.
(Prior Code, § 5.177) (Ord. 795, passed 11-5-2018)