(A)   Prior to the issuance of a zoning permit, the applicant or their representative shall accurately stake the location of the parcel property lines and the location of the proposed construction such that the Zoning Administrator may, by use of a tape measure and horizontal measurements, confirm that the construction as staked is as represented on the applicant’s site plan which accompanies their application. On sloping sites, the lowest finished grade level shall be established on a grade stake which is offset from the construction such that it remains undisturbed during the course of the construction and may be used to check the final grade by the Zoning Administrator by means of a string line level.
   (B)   After issuing a zoning permit, the Zoning Administrator shall from time to time conduct inspections of construction for which a permit has been issued, as may be required to determine compliance with the permit.
   (C)   Prior to commencing any construction of improvements which are a part of a project approved with a special use permit such improvements shall be staked both horizontally and vertically such that the Zoning Administrator may verify that the improvements are located as shown on the approved site plan.
   (D)   At a minimum, inspections may be required at the following times:
      (1)   Prior to issuance of a zoning permit;
      (2)   Prior to commencement of construction of any site improvements which are a part of a special use permit; and
      (3)   After site preparation, but prior to construction of any foundation system.
   (E)   It shall be the duty of the applicant or its agent to notify the Zoning Administrator when work is ready for inspection. Such inspection shall be made within a reasonable time following notification giving due consideration to the Zoning Administrator’s work schedule and work load. Required inspections shall be deemed a requirement of a zoning permit or a special use permit even though the inspection requirement is not listed on the permit document.
   (F)   In the event the Zoning Administrator is unable to determine if parcel boundaries are accurately located or that proposed or actual construction is properly located on a parcel, the Administrator may require that the applicant have a survey of the parcel of proposed or actual work prepared by a registered land surveyor, at the applicant’s cost. Such survey shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator for review and as a part of the applicant’s zoning file.
   (G)   Inspections on the part of the Zoning Administrator shall in no way absolve the applicant of responsibility for properly locating and undertaking construction in a manner which meets the requirements of this section of any permit issued in accord with this section, nor making any corrections to the construction which are necessary to meet the requirements of this section.
(Prior Code, § 5.162)