§ 151.64 NUMBERS.
   (A)   As used in this subchapter, NUMBERS shall mean Arabic numbers which are a minimum of four inches high and which are of a color which contrasts to the premises or building on which the numbers are located.
(Prior Code, § 1.25)
   (B)   If the location of the premises or building or the existence of obstructions do not allow the numbers on a building to be plainly visible from the road, the numbers shall not only be displayed on the premises or building, but shall also be displayed on a post or similar object which shall be adjacent to the drive or access to the premises or building and the numbers shall be a minimum of four feet above the ground and shall be plainly visible from the road. Numbers shall not be placed on mailboxes.
(Prior Code, § 1.26)
(Ord. 676, passed 9-16-2002) Penalty, see § 10.99