§ 151.28 CURB CUTS.
   (A)   No opening in or through any curb of any street shall be made without first obtaining a written permit from the Manager. The Manager shall have the authority, at his or her discretion, to have the cuts made by city personnel, with the applicant charged therefor at current rates, or to allow the applicant to make the cuts.
   (B)   Curb cuts and sidewalk driveway crossings to provide access to private property shall comply with the following.
      (1)   No single curb cut shall exceed 25 feet, nor be less than ten feet.
      (2)   The minimum distance between any curb cut and a public crosswalk shall be five feet.
      (3)   The minimum distance between curb cuts, except those serving residential property, shall be 25 feet.
      (4)   The maximum number of lineal feet of sidewalk driveway crossings permitted for any lot, parcel of land, business or enterprise, shall be 45% of the total abutting street frontage up to and including 200 lineal feet of street frontage, plus 20% of the lineal feet of street frontage in excess of 200 feet.
      (5)   The necessary adjustments to utility poles, light standards, fire hydrants, catch basins, street or railway signs, signals or other public improvements or installations shall be accomplished without cost to the city.
      (6)   All construction shall be in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the Manager.
(Prior Code, § 4.35) (Ord. 515, passed 7-3-1989) Penalty, see § 10.99