The City Clerk shall determine whether the application is complete. If the application is complete and the application fee has been paid, the application shall be forward to the executive director of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for a written recommendation by the DDA Board regarding whether the application meets the standards of the city code for the issuance of the redevelopment liquor license and the reasons for DDA’s recommendation. The DDA shall have 30 days from the submission of the application to its executive director to make its recommendation to the City Council or this requirement of a recommendation from the DDA shall be waived. Upon the expiration of 30 days from submission of the application to the executive director of the DDA or upon receipt by the City Clerk of the DDA’s recommendation, whichever occurs first, the application and the DDA’s recommendation, if any, shall be submitted to the City Council for consideration and written notice of the time and date on which the application will be considered by the City Council. An application that is incomplete shall neither be forwarded to the DDA, nor to the City Council.
(Prior Code, § 7.305)  (Ord. 758, passed 1-7-2013)