(A)   Procedure.
      (1)   Before filing an objection to the renewal or a request for the revocation of a license with the state’s Liquor Control Commission, the City Council shall serve a notice of hearing on the license holder. This notice of hearing shall be served by first class mail, not less than ten days prior to the hearing. The notice of hearing shall contain the following:
         (a)   Notice of proposed action;
         (b)   Reasons for the proposed action;
         (c)   Date, time and place of the hearing; and
         (d)   A statement that the licensee may present evidence and testimony and question adverse witnesses.
      (2)   Following the hearing, the City Council shall submit to the license holder and the Commission, a written statement of its findings and determination.
   (B)   Criteria for non-renewal or revocation. The City Council shall recommend non-renewal or revocation of a license upon a determination by it that based upon a preponderance of the evidence presented at the hearing either of the following exists:
      (1)   Violation of any of the requirements on licenses set forth in § 113.03(C)(1) through (C)(8) of this chapter; or
      (2)   Maintenance of a nuisance upon the premises.
(Prior Code, § 7.304)  (Ord. 661, passed 4-1-2000; Ord. 758, passed 1-7-2013)